Synex Controls / ModSync

Synex Controls – ModSync Boiler Control Service and Parts        

Boiler Specialists is an authorized distributor of the ModSync boiler control system.

The ModSync sequencing system is designed for use in hydronic, steam, thermal fluid, and multiple boiler/heater applications. This control system also has an enhanced lead/lag capability that is provided through an easy-to-use touch screen interface. ModSync’s InSite remote web-browser based monitoring allows interfacing to multiple ModSync controlled boiler rooms as well as text messaging capabilities to provide quick access to the boiler room status.

Learn more about the ModSync system through the Fulton company’s website. Boiler Specialists is the manufacturer’s representative for sales, parts, and service of Synex Controls in northern Ohio. Contact one of our service or sales specialists at (216) 251-5151 for help with your system.